MPD CNC Machining

CNC Machining

MPD provide in-house CNC machining services as a value added operation to our customers for the supply of our aluminium and zinc pressure die castings. Our engineering experience is broad as a section of our CNC machines also manufacture new tooling including die casting tools, press or clip tools and CNC machining jigs and fixtures.

We provide precision computer controlled multi-axis milling and turning services, machining die castings to aerospace tolerances finished for customer assembly as well as tool making, rapid prototyping and any other machining requirement.

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Subcontract Milling & Turning

We have no material restrictions and can machine anything from aerospace and Formula 1 specification materials, high chrome materials, composite materials, titanium and material such as Inconel 718.

Our CNC machine shop comprises of:

  • 12 x Vertical Machining Centres including twin-pallet and 4th axis rotary tables to ensure continual machining cycle optimisation
  • 4 x CNC Lathes

If you have an existing or new machining enquiry you wish for us to take a look at please feel free to contact us

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